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   Welcome to the Wemyss Caves, Fife, Scotland.

fern cave

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Wemyss caves an introduction
by Frank Rankin

wemyss caves - time team logo

Time Team visit the Wemyss caves June 2004

wemyss caves education centre

Wemyss Caves Education Centre

wemyss caves tour

Wemyss Caves Tours
Join one of the organised tours

macduff castle - wemyss caves

Macduff Castle images

                                          the Wemyss Caves

wemyss caves - jonathons cave

the Court Cave

the Doo Cave

the Well Cave

wemyss caves - sloping cave

Jonathan's Cave

the Sloping Cave

the Gasworks Cave

other smaller caves

the Wemyss Caves
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