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Doo Cave, Wemyss Caves, Fife

In the Middle Ages only lairds and burghs were allowed to keep pigeons. This was to provide fresh meat in the winter when the cattle were too scrawny to be worth killing. It was not until about 1750 that the turnip was developed by Sir Charles Townsend as a winter feed for cattle. Then cattle were fit to eat in the winter.

Up to the beginning of this century there were two caves here, the East and the West Doo Caves, which were connected by an underground passage. Unfortunately the West Doo Cave which contained a great number of markings, collapsed during the first World War when there was a gun fired from the battery which was above the Cave.

The East Doo Cave has nest boxes cut into the walls and the roof has been smoothed off so as not to damage the wings of the young birds. There are no markings in this cave.

wemyss caves, doo cave, view of entrance to this cave

Information from leaflet produced by the
Save the Wemyss Ancient Caves Society

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