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Macduff Castle, photographs in and around the castle.

macduff castle from the cemetrymacduff castle from the cemetry
Macduff Castle - Booklets available by Frank Rankin from Buckhaven Library

macduff castle, a view to buckhaven from top of the towermacduff catle, close up of erosion of castle sandstone
View of Buckhaven from Macduff Castle        Erosion of stone on Macduff Castle

macduff castle, butterfly resting below castle

This butterfly was captured enjoying the evening sun
just below Macduff Castle 27/07/01
Photographs taken by Jim Hamilton on 27th July 2001
All photographs on this page were taken digitally

macduff castle, butterfly resting in evening sunshine

New steps have been built which allows visitors easy access to
either Macduff Castle, the Wemyss Caves and the shore.
Thanks to Brian Rodger for the following images.

wemyss caves, macduff castle, new steps provide easy access to macduff castle and the wemyss caves

macduff castel, a resting point half way up

wemyss caves, macduff castle, steps down towards the shore

More images below of Macduff Castle taken when
Time Team visited the Wemyss Caves.

macduff castle from the public footpath

macduff castle, a good view of the tower from the path

macduff castle, view of tower from path

macduff castle, looking into the tower through the gaping hole

macduff castle, time team film below the castle

macduff castle, time team blow a horn below the castle

macduff castle, spectators gather below the castle

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