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Other Caves, Wemyss Caves, Fife

Fern Cave
This is just a cave, partially filled in and only exposed when the Castle Green was landscaped.
(this cave sits below Macduff Caste, on the Castle Green. It can be seen nestled into the bank/rock face to the left on the green.
To it's right sits the entrance to the Well Cave).
wemyss caves, fern cave, castle green

Glass Cave
Last century, in 1610, Sir George Hay, established a glassworks in this Cave. This was one of the earliest glassworks in Scotland. In 1898 the Michael Colliery shafts were sunk a little to the east of the Cave. In the course of time the upper seams of coal were worked under the Cave and on an evening in 1901 the Cave collapsed and is now filled in with redd from the colliery.

Unnamed Cave
This cave, with a low entrance, sits to the right side of the Well Cave, and goes in about 30 metres. There are no markings in this cave.
wemyss caves, unnamed cave entrance

Sloping Cave
The Sloping Cave received its name because a landslide partially blocked up its entrance many years ago.
wemyss caves, sloping cave, interior shot looking towards the entrance

(to the right of Jonathan's Cave, make your way along the coastal path the cave entrance is a slit in the soil on your left).

White Cove
In 1888 this was a large cave but it was filled in around 1900.
Now there is only a small hole in from of the quarry.

Information from leaflet produced by the
Save the Wemyss Ancient Caves Society


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