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Wemyss Caves, Fife, home page
Information and photo's showing the interiors of the caves and cave drawings.

Wemyss Caves, Fife
an introduction by Frank Rankin.

Wemyss Caves Tours organised during the Summer months. Meet at the Wemyss Caves Education Centre.

Wemyss Caves Education Centre
has local exhibits and information on the Wemyss Caves and Macduff Castle.

Frank Rankin local historian has studied the Wemyss Caves since he was a child.

Time Team start dig at the Wemyss Caves on Saturday 5 June 2004.

Time Team dig in Jonathan's Cave and work in the Fern Cave

Time Team at work in the Well Cave.

Time Team filming at the Sloping Cave and on the shore.

Time Team complete filming,
Tony Robinson signs autographs

The Wemyss Caves Fife

Court Cave

Doo Cave

Well Cave

Jonathan's Cave

Sloping Cave

Gasworks Cave

Other Caves

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