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Press here to go to the 'Time Team' Web pageTime Team start their dig at the Wemyss Caves on Saturday 5 June 2004.

I visited the cave site at about 6.00 pm, on Saturday 5th June to do a reckie of the site in preparation for a visit on the Sunday.

There were very few members of the public around. Things were being run down for the evening but even at this late hour there was still some activity. Therefore below are a few of the images taken on the Saturday Night.

I am no expert on digs, so the pictures really speak for themselves.
To understand what finds were made and their importance you will like the
rest of us have to wait until the programme is transmitted. The new series is expected to start in January 2005, and the programme on the Wemyss Caves is expected to be transmitted on Sunday, 20th February at 5.00 pm.

wemyss caves, macduff castle in late evening sunshine
A view of Macduff Castle in the evening sunshine

wemyss caves, activity around the deepest hole dug so far
Filming taking place at the deepest dug hole

wemyss caves, tony robinson waits to the right
Tony Robinson (right) waits to do his piece to camera and prepares his lines.

wemyss caves, phil harding looking like he means business
Phil Harding (right) seen at the end of the day.

wemyss caves, sorting finds into trays at the dig on the beach
Sorting through the finds of the day

wemyss caves, recording the days work
Digging is important but the sorting of finds and importantly the recording
of what has been revealed is a job to be done meticulously.

wemyss caves, young people play by the forth
Lads enjoy the sunny evening weather by lobbing stones into the Forth.

wemyss caves, the smithy in the fern cave
Team members work on late into the evening.

wemyss caves, plenty of heat being generated

wemyss caves, keeping fit
Recreation of early system for creating concentrated heat
to allow melting or work on metallic objects.

wemyss caves, some of the tools needed to work metal/silver
A look at the tools used to create the item below.

wemyss caves, item that time team are recreating
This is the item that they are trying to recreate above.

wemyss caves, diger resting at end of day
The digger rests quietly under the cliff below Macduff Castle.

wemyss caves, digger below macduff castle
The digger sits below parts of the castle.

wemyss caves, children recieve first aid for some bites/scratches
Local girls getting some attention to a small nick.

wemyss caves, buckhaven basking in the late evening sunshine
A great view looking towards Buckhaven in the evening sunshine.

macduff castle, good view of macduff catle weathered tower
Above and bellow various shots of Macduff Castle, looking good
in the evening sunshine.

macduff castle from the public path

macduff castle, looking into the interior of the castle tower

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