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Wemyss Caves Fife, Time Team filming at Sloping Cave.

Sunday 6th June
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The following photographs were taken while the Time Team were excavating the Wemyss Caves.

The images that follow give a flavour of the day, they record some of the activities on the day. Pictures here are exclusive to this web site.

wemyss caves, taking a break at the trench on the beach
Work stops at the shore dig to discuss and debate and share findings.
wemyss caves, some of the finds from this trench
Some of the findings from the shore dig.
wemyss caves, a view looking at the wall in this trench
Above and below: A couple of shots looking at what has been
revealed during this dig on the shore.
wemyss caves, a view looking at the wall in this trench

wemyss caves, a close up view of the trench on the beach

wemyss caves, shot looking from the sea into this trench
An upright stone can be seen in this shot, that caused some interest.

wemyss caves, time to relax and enjoy the sunshine
Some rocks just lend themselves to a natural hammock shape.
Again a time to relax and read your favourite book in idealic
surroundings and great weather.
wemyss caves, cameras and equipment being taken into the sloping cave
Above and Below: Well there is only one way in to the Sloping Cave.
wemyss caves, cameras and equipment being taken into the sloping cave

wemyss caves, looking into the sloping cave
Above and below: Filming gets underway in the Sloping Cave.
I never knew you could get so many people in one small cave plus equipment.
wemyss caves, getting down to filiming in the sloping cave

wemyss caves, so many people in such a small space

wemyss caves, plenty of places to take time out from the hurly burly
Again time to chill out on the beach while
a frenzy of activity all around.

wemyss caves, radios play an important part to keep in contact
Hello, Is there anyone there... don't these radios work underground?

wemyss caves, onlookers could get up close to see what is happening in the sloping cave
Interested onlookers peer into the Sloping Cave.

wemyss caves, mick leaves the sloping cave

wemyss caves, onlookers jostle for space to peer into the sloping cave
Is is surprising how many people can fit onto a sloping entrance to a
cave, again cameras at the ready.

wemyss caves, young enthusiasts enjoy the afternoon sun
Two young enthusiasts make their way to the
Sloping Cave.

wemyss caves, only one way in and out
Above and below:
There is only one way in...  and only one way out...
wemyss caves, only one way in and out of the sloping cave

wemyss caves, now who is that I can see in there?
In such a small cave it can be difficult to see who is in there,
and what they are doing...

wemyss caves, packing equipment
Equipment being loaded on the shoreline.

Above and below: Many individuals and family groups came down
to see what was happening. It was encouraging to see so many people
on the shore, like in the old days.

wemyss caves, locals flock to the site

wemyss caves, metting up with friends and chatting

wemyss caves, an opportunity for a walk in sun

wemyss caves, crowd gather round the fern cave

wemyss caves, time to chat with friends

wemyss caves, picknic like scene on the caste green

wemyss caves, this horn caused quite a stir
Now this would appear to be some kind of horn.
It certainly got a lot of attention from the public.
wemyss caves, this horn gets lots of attention
and from the experts as well...
wemyss caves, mick gets a photo for his collection

wemyss caves, the experts always keen to explain and demonstrate
A very strange serpent like creature head. I believe the head is original
and was found in 1865. For the full story about this item you will, like me have
to wait to see the finished programme. Unfortunately when the finished programme was broadcast there was no mention of this item.
If you know more then get in touch. Thanks.

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