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Wemyss Caves Fife, Time Team complete filming, Tony Robinson signs autographs.

Sunday 6th June
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The following photographs were taken while the Time Team were excavating the Wemyss Caves.

The images that follow give a flavour of the day, they record some of the activities on the day. Pictures here are exclusive to this web site.

wemyss caves, tony prepares for filming
Tony prepares for filming

wemyss caves, the horn moves up the hill towards the castle
The horn moves up the hill towards Macduff Castle for filming.

wemyss caves, filming taking place
The group from Time Team get set to start filming.

wemyss caves, good view looking down on sightseers
Above and below two views of the site.
wemyss caves, people gather on path to the castle

wemyss caves, filming the horn
Filming gets under way on the horn.

wemyss caves, one of the film crews
Some of the crew enjoyed the antics of the horns tongue.

wemyss caves, filming the horn
Above and below the two researchers work on...
wemyss caves, pretend blowing of horn

wemyss caves, team enjoy a good laugh
then its laughs all round...

wemyss caves, camera up and close on the horn
Lawrence, 2nd Unit Director watches over filming and checks with other
film crews whether the horn can be blown.

wemyss caves, vew of film crew below the castle
The film crew viewed under Macduff Castle

wemyss caves, filming taking place
The Time Team group wind up their piece to camera.

wemyss caves, tony signing autographs
Tony Robinson is happy to sign autographs for people
or give time to those who wanted to speak to him.
wemyss caves, tony signing autographs

wemyss caves, tony signing autographs

wemyss caves, tony signing autographs

wemyss caves, a photo for the album
Just one more photo please...
wemyss caves, photo for the picutre album
A photo for the family album
wemyss caves, fan enjoys meeting tony
A fan shows his delight at meeting Tony.
wemyss caves, tony willingly signed all autographs

wemyss caves, no wonder tony looks pleased
A bottle of the strong stuff is presented...
wemyss caves, tony signs more autographs
Young fans line up for autographs...
wemyss caves, one more please

wemyss caves, tony signs book
A book signing as well...
wemyss caves, tony signs more autographs

lwemyss caves, esley gives tonly a special scottish pebble
Lesley Burtell proudly presents Tony with a stone from the beach and
gets a hug for her trouble.
wemyss caves, lesley gives tony a hug

wemyss caves, tony checks his work is done
Tony gets ready to move on to his next task.

wemyss caves, view looking down on castle green

wemyss caves, view looking up to macduff castle
The horn creates an erie sound across the castle and foreshore.

wemyss caves, close up of the horn
Close ups of the horn.

wemyss caves, locals enjoy the afternoon sunshine

wemyss caves, filming again at the beach trench
Filming resumes at the shore dig.

wemyss caves, filming is interupted
Children playing brings filming to a stop...

wemyss caves, where there is filming there the spectators gather
Wherever filming took place onlookers gathered.

wemyss caves, just one more shot please

wemyss caves, locals watch the filming

wemyss caves, time team have a tea break
The crew gather for a well earned cuppa.

p.s. It turns out that that wire mesh baskets were not to be used after all the hard work in building them. It was planned to fill them with rocks and place as a defence against erosion. They would have become a refuge for plant and animal life. It was thought that there was nothing significant to protect at the spot they were going to be placed. I would have thought it would have been good to have set them up as a test of a possible sea defence to protect some of the coastline.

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