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Wemyss Caves Education Centre, has local exhibits and information on the Wemyss Caves and Macduff Castle.

Home of the
Save Wemyss Ancient Caves Society

This society was formed in 1986 after a car was set on fire in Jonathan's Cave, which destroyed the drawing of the swan, which is a part of the Wemyss Coat of Arms.

      The aims of the society are:
      To draw attention to the Heritage that is being destroyed by vandalism and erosion. To prevent this from happening.

      To collect and record information on the Caves.

      To encourage others both individuals and groups to take an interest in the Caves and their protection.

      To preserve the Caves and the surrounding area including Macduff Castle and to promote them as a tourist attraction with Fife's rich heritage.

The Society is open, every Sunday, from 1.30 pm to 4.00 pm running from April to September.

The volunteers are, very friendly and are only too happy to answer any questions or show you round the exhibits, do not be shy, ask for further information if you require it.


The following photographs were taken in and around the, original
Wemyss Environmental Education Centre.
East Wemyss Primary School
wemyss caves environmental and education centre

wemyss caves display in basement

general view of exhibits in the education centre
As can be seen a bright and full room of exhibits awaits you.

general view of exhibits in education centre

a good selection of fossils
Fossils collected from the local the local beach

close up of some fossils

grinding stone for grain seen on right

fossilesed ferns can be clearly seen here

michael colliery canteen list

Mining played a large part in the lives of this community.
coal mine underground map

various artifacts can be seen in the centre
Household objects give a feel for life in the past
wide selection of artifacts on view

wemyss caves information display
There is a great deal of information about the Wemyss Caves
and Macduff Castle.

wemyss caves - plaque of thor and his hammer

wemyss caves information display

wemyss caves - plaque of fish taken from cave drawing

wemyss caves - plaque taken from cave drawing

wemyss caves - information boards wemyss caves

macduff castle - display about this local castle

wemyss caves - information jonathan's cave

things you might find on the beach
Things that have been found on the beach.

more things found on the beach

children can make their own stone circle
and things for children (or adults) to get their hands on.

stone circle in miniture

The Mosaic below can be found just below the school,
head down towards the shore. The mosaic is just a minute from the school.
It captures I think the lives and the life of this small community.
mosaic depicting life in the wemyss

Close-ups of sections of the Mosaic.
close up area of mosaic

close up area of mosaic

close up area of mosaic

close up area of mosaic

the centre of the mosaic

close up of centre

close up of centre of mosaic
The very centre of the mosaic - Fish and the sea the heart of the village.

plaque in memory of michael brown
The plaque to the left of this mosaic.

general view of the mosaic

looking up school wynd towards the primary school
Looking up School Wynd towards the primary school
(just behind the trees ahead)

the Wemyss Caves
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